Problems Logging In?

  • Don’t know username or password:

    Instructions on how to set the password were emailed to the sponsor at the start, and were included in the email you received when you asked to sign up with us.

  • Password isn’t working:
    • Note that the password is CASE-SENSITIVE. acb123 is not the same as ABC123. And a capital O is not the same as number 0. Number 1 is not the same as letter l.
    • Suggest always copy and paste the password.
    • Beware of spaces at the beginning or the end of the password
  • Confused by how the Migration Hub works:

    Please watch the instructional video here that was emailed out to you. It’s all explained in there.

If you still have difficulty after trying all of the above, please feel free to email Jeff Harvie about this.